Dec 15, 2011

Im Back!

Hi Everyone! I am back! It's been so long since I've written a blog and I feel terrible. I was travelling and seeing family, it was alot of fun! Since being back I've been getting ready for Christmas. Decorating, and making little gifts for the girls in Peyton's skating group ( picture's to come!). Also, I'd like to say myself and Chase have been smoke free for 2 1/2 months!! Yay US!! We also started running ( or trying to!) It's one of the hardest things I've ever done, but we registered for a 10K in May so gotta get training. Im so excited that we are on the path to a healthy lifestyle for ourselves but most importantly for Peyton. Life's pretty good as of now. More posts to come so please follow!! Thanks :)

Nov 7, 2011

On the road again

The other day we were looking at flights for Chase to head back to work, we couldn't believe how expensive they were, it would be cheaper to drive back out west. For those who don't know we live in northern Ontario and chase works in fort mcmurray AB. Chase's family just recently moved from Ontario out to Alberta. So we decided we would take on the roads and go visit our family. We are on day 2. Alittle restless, bored and wanting to just get there. Peyton has been doing amazing given the circumstances.i cant express enough how much easier it has been with a dvd player and dora, its honestlhe kept is half sane.
We should be in AB tomorrow at some point. Just wanted to leave a quick note letting everyone know why I won't be blogging as much! It's hard typing on a cell while on thr road ( I am not driving! Lol ) anywhoo thanks for the support!! Talk soon!!

Oct 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

 This was Peyton's 3rd Halloween. The first one she was only 2 months old, last year she was still a little young to get it but this year was magical!! She was in heaven. Seeing all the other kids running down the street had her so amped with excitement!! I was so surprised she remembered to say "Trick-or-treat" and "Thank you". Her costume was a HUGE hit. Her Gramma Suzi made the costume for Hana ( Peyton's aunt). It's was adorable. She also had a little geisha costume that she wore around the house once we were finished trick-or-treating. This post is going to be short. Im pooped. Hope you all had a safe and fantastic night! :)

Love Her <3

She had such a good time.

Hangin' out at home in her little kimono <3

Oct 30, 2011

100 Follower Giveaway

Hi Again! :) I just quickly wanted to say that once I reach 100 follower's I will be doing a giveaway. I can't quite give the details BUT I will say it's going to be fabulous!!! I'm hoping it wont take long to reach my goal so we can start having some REAL fun! :) Have a great day beauties!! <3

This and That

I have a few random things to post on here. First I'll go through a couple sites that I found and really love. Im sure most of you heard of etsy but those of you who haven't, visit their site, you'll love it. It's people selling their handmade crafts. I have ordered from there a few times, and I must say the craftsman ship is top notch. A couple other sites I love are: baby steals & Kids Steals . They always have amazing stuff, and even more amazing prices. If you haven't already you need to check them out! Another website I stumbled upon that hasn't yet launched ( I can't wait until it does!!) Is Swap , You can swap anything, with anyone, anywhere. I LOVE that idea. Check out their site for more details!!  I saved the best for last, I came across this gem of a website the other day and I honestly can't stay off it. It's called Pinterest. Some of you may already know about this website, I just discovered it the other day. Its amazing. It's like a place for you to organize all the things you like, or want to try out, but you can look at other people's "pins" which then gives you ideas. Im probably not explaining this well enough, so you might as well just go take a gander, I guarantee you will be hooked :)

On another note Peyton and I got in the Halloween spirit and made some cupcakes ( that did not turn out great) and cookies for little treat bags for her friends. Picture's below :) 

    Miss P mixing up the batter <3

    Peyton showing our hard work! LOL

    Finished Product!! So Cute & Easy

  I had to show this picture. She found a lipstick and put it all over, before I had a chance to get mad at her she said " So pretty Mom?" all I could do was agree with her <3

Oct 29, 2011


This little DIY is so easy and your kids will LOVE you for it. All you need is:

* Little plastic containers 
* 1 Cup of Johnson's baby bubble bath & wash
* 4 TBSP of corn starch
* 2 drops of food colouring of your choice
* Paint brush

Add all of the ingredients together and voila, you now have washable bath tub paint for your little artist.

This is meant ONLY for Bath Tubs. It washes off very easily. Good luck and have fun!! :) 


    This is what the finished product will look like 

     Peyton mixing colours :) 

Creating her masterpiece 
REVIEW - Luxe Box & Glymm Box

My very first review is going to be on beauty sample boxes. I have a subscription to Loose Button's Luxe Box as well as Glymm Girl's Glymm Box.

If you aren't sure what beauty sample boxes are, they are a monthly subscription ( you pay $10.00 for Glymm and 12.00 for Luxe Box) and you receive 4-5 deluxe size samples ( sometimes full size!) of high end beauty products. Below are picture's of both the beauty boxes I have received. I'll go through what I got, followed by an explanation on which one I believe is the better box for your dollar.

My October Glymm Box Included:

* Lise Watier/ Lip Kiss Crayon Gloss - Full Size ( $18.00)

* Principessa/ Bacio Lip Balm - Full Size ( $11.00)

* Vasanti/ Micronized Silky Eyeshadow - Full Size ( 15.00)

* Caudalie/ Premier Cru Cream - Empty Sample Size

* Ever So Sweet Glymm Treat - Jelly Belly

Okay, for this to be my very first Glymm Box, they sure do know how to impress. I received 3 full size products, and as you can see the items in my box are worth a lot more than my monthly subscription. The packaging is adorable. I love the pink box, im sure I'll find a good way to re-use it. The only downfall I have about this box, is the Caudalie cream sample was completely empty. I would have loved to have tried it because it was one of the most expensive samples in my box ( full size it was $150.00 WOW! ) So I contacted customer service and they assured me they would make it up to me in my next box. Overall, I am so happy with this subscription. It's amazing. The program makes it so easy for girls on a budget to try new high end products without having to go purchase it full price first! :) If you would like to subscribe follow the link below:

My October Luxe Box Included:

* Lise Watier/Flash Lift Radiance Vial - 1 Vial ($27.00 for 7 Vials)

* Olay Professional Pro-X Eye Restoration Complex - Sample Size

* Keratase/Elixir Ultimate - Sample Size ($50.00 for full size)

* Chloe/Eau de parfume - Sample Size ( $90.00 for full size )

* Essie Nail Polish - Full Size ($8.00)

Well, I was super happy to receive the full size Essie nail polish in too too hot , and I really loved the Chloe perfume, it's a brilliant florally smell that i actually quite enjoy and have have been wearing everyday. I can't really comment on the Lise Watier's flash lift Radiance Vial or the Keratase/ Elixir because I haven't tried it. Im not really excited to try it either. The Keratase is a hair oil treatment, and that just doesn't appeal to me. Overall, this box wasn't too bad. Im not thrilled about it, i think it could have been better. Glymm definitely took the cake on this months battle of the beauty boxes. :) Anywhoo, hope this was helpful! :) If you would like to subscribe follow the link below:

Talk Soon, Chelsea