Nov 7, 2011

On the road again

The other day we were looking at flights for Chase to head back to work, we couldn't believe how expensive they were, it would be cheaper to drive back out west. For those who don't know we live in northern Ontario and chase works in fort mcmurray AB. Chase's family just recently moved from Ontario out to Alberta. So we decided we would take on the roads and go visit our family. We are on day 2. Alittle restless, bored and wanting to just get there. Peyton has been doing amazing given the circumstances.i cant express enough how much easier it has been with a dvd player and dora, its honestlhe kept is half sane.
We should be in AB tomorrow at some point. Just wanted to leave a quick note letting everyone know why I won't be blogging as much! It's hard typing on a cell while on thr road ( I am not driving! Lol ) anywhoo thanks for the support!! Talk soon!!