Oct 29, 2011

REVIEW - Luxe Box & Glymm Box

My very first review is going to be on beauty sample boxes. I have a subscription to Loose Button's Luxe Box as well as Glymm Girl's Glymm Box.

If you aren't sure what beauty sample boxes are, they are a monthly subscription ( you pay $10.00 for Glymm and 12.00 for Luxe Box) and you receive 4-5 deluxe size samples ( sometimes full size!) of high end beauty products. Below are picture's of both the beauty boxes I have received. I'll go through what I got, followed by an explanation on which one I believe is the better box for your dollar.

My October Glymm Box Included:

* Lise Watier/ Lip Kiss Crayon Gloss - Full Size ( $18.00)

* Principessa/ Bacio Lip Balm - Full Size ( $11.00)

* Vasanti/ Micronized Silky Eyeshadow - Full Size ( 15.00)

* Caudalie/ Premier Cru Cream - Empty Sample Size

* Ever So Sweet Glymm Treat - Jelly Belly

Okay, for this to be my very first Glymm Box, they sure do know how to impress. I received 3 full size products, and as you can see the items in my box are worth a lot more than my monthly subscription. The packaging is adorable. I love the pink box, im sure I'll find a good way to re-use it. The only downfall I have about this box, is the Caudalie cream sample was completely empty. I would have loved to have tried it because it was one of the most expensive samples in my box ( full size it was $150.00 WOW! ) So I contacted customer service and they assured me they would make it up to me in my next box. Overall, I am so happy with this subscription. It's amazing. The program makes it so easy for girls on a budget to try new high end products without having to go purchase it full price first! :) If you would like to subscribe follow the link below:


My October Luxe Box Included:

* Lise Watier/Flash Lift Radiance Vial - 1 Vial ($27.00 for 7 Vials)

* Olay Professional Pro-X Eye Restoration Complex - Sample Size

* Keratase/Elixir Ultimate - Sample Size ($50.00 for full size)

* Chloe/Eau de parfume - Sample Size ( $90.00 for full size )

* Essie Nail Polish - Full Size ($8.00)

Well, I was super happy to receive the full size Essie nail polish in too too hot , and I really loved the Chloe perfume, it's a brilliant florally smell that i actually quite enjoy and have have been wearing everyday. I can't really comment on the Lise Watier's flash lift Radiance Vial or the Keratase/ Elixir because I haven't tried it. Im not really excited to try it either. The Keratase is a hair oil treatment, and that just doesn't appeal to me. Overall, this box wasn't too bad. Im not thrilled about it, i think it could have been better. Glymm definitely took the cake on this months battle of the beauty boxes. :) Anywhoo, hope this was helpful! :) If you would like to subscribe follow the link below:


Talk Soon, Chelsea


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